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Trip Advisor Sawdays

The owners of Maison Willert run the Deboché Initiative. This programme has twin aims:

1. To raise money for rural health projects in remote mountain settlements that do not have access to the type of first class healthcare that people living in the Pyrenees enjoy.

2. To make Maison Willert available to members of charities, not-for-profits, youth projects and volunteer organisations that might not otherwise have the opportunity to visit an invigorating and inspiring destination.

Rural Health Care

The project takes its name from the hamlet of Deboché (pronounced Deb-o-shay) in the Khumbu region of Nepal. The owner of the long-established Rhododendron Lodge in Deboché, Ang Kanchi Sherpa, is also the nurse for the region. The Deboché Initiative has been arranging for medical equipment to be taken to Ang Kanchi since 2004. These supplies are used to keep both the local population and visiting trekkers fit and healthy when they fall sick.

The Deboché Initiative also supports the work of Karmi Farm Clinic in the Indian Himalaya. The clinic is attached to Karmi Farm, a lovely family home and hotel.

A minimum of 1% of all money generated from the rental of Maison Willert is directed to these health projects.

Organisation Support

Time and again we have experienced the physical and psychological benefits of spending time in the mountain environment. We would like to enable people working in the charity sector to have a similar experience.

A minimum of one week a year (normally in November) is made available to a qualifying organisation. Applications are welcome at any time of year. Travel and food are not provided.