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Maison Willert is a beautiful 19th century stone cottage available to rent in the stunning Pyrenean village of Lescun.

Lescun is the ideal base for outdoor activities all year round. In spring, summer and autumn the spectacular peaks surrounding the village provide world-class hiking, climbing and mountain biking. In winter, three ski centres (including two 2014 Olympic applicant resorts) are just half an hour’s drive away.

“Thank you for creating a place where all the cares and worries of normal life simply melt away.”

Michael Brown

Lescun is steeped in tradition. The village is also surrounded by Pyrenean highlights such as the ancient church of Notre Dame de la Pierre in the medieval French village of Sarrance, the fortified town and cathedral of Jaca in Spain, and the renowned monastery of San Juan de la Peña which reputedly housed the Holy Grail.

History and nature embrace at the nearby Fort du Portalet, which guards the approach to the Chemin de la Mâture, one of the most extraordinary short hikes in the world.

1% of rental fee income generated from Maison Willert is given to The Deboché Initiative.